What is the most iconic classic car to have ever been made? It is a question that will never have a definitive answer. Everyone has a different opinion, some will use statistics, some will have personal reasons as to why they love their favourite car. …

Why Are Electric Vehicles Not Popular?


The campaign for a shift to green energy has been ongoing in recent years. In an attempt to reduce CO2 emissions that damage the atmosphere leading to global warming and its adverse effects, vehicle manufacturing industries developed electric vehicles to shift from fossil fuel-driven vehicles.

The shift, however, has not…

Which Car Manufacturer Makes The Safest Cars?

Safety is the most significant consideration for car buyers. There are cars from different manufacturers with the best safety features that most people gravitate towards. Today most cars are safer than ever, and moderations are still ongoing to make them even safer.

Car Safety

Luxury cars are a big hit; that’s why…

Tips For Leasing A Vehicle

Many people assume that leasing a car requires less research than buying one. However, the best way to compare it is to imagine buying a house versus leasing a house. You would still research everything about the house you want to lease, and leasing a car is no different. …

What Is The Best Way To Sell A Used Car In The UK?

If you’ve clicked on this article, you may be planning on selling your car, but what’s the best way to go about it? I’m Alexander Powell a car expert from Cheltenham and I will guide you through the best possible ways to sell a car within the UK.

Selling a Car Within The UK The Best Way

Starting off…

Best Electric Cars

We Look At The 5 Best-performing Electric Cars You Can Buy In The UK

The pressure is mounting on UK residents to shift to electric cars. But the number of electric vehicles sold to UK residents is relatively low compared to the petroleum-fueled substitutes. As the collection of new electric cars multiplies, it brings forth cheaper, longer ranges, and fast charging models.

The electric…

Tesla And Bitcoin: What’s Going On?

In January this year, Tesla invested a whopping $1.5 billion bitcoin. Tesla is currently embarking on a nonconventional move to diversify its investments. The news of the investment became public when the public filing was made.

Tesla & Bitcoin

The CEO and founder of Tesla made his support for bitcoin public even before…

Alexander Powell Cheltenham

My name is Alexander Powell and I’m based in Cheltenham, UK and I have many years of experience and passion for cars and everything car-related.

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