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Best Electric Cars

We Look At The 5 Best-performing Electric Cars You Can Buy In The UK

The pressure is mounting on UK residents to shift to electric cars. But the number of electric vehicles sold to UK residents is relatively low compared to the petroleum-fueled substitutes. As the collection of new electric cars multiplies, it brings forth cheaper, longer ranges, and fast charging models.

The electric vehicle charging is improving in the UK, making electric vehicles a possible option. The fast chargers available at home and job places make it easier to swap your fossil-fueled car with an electric vehicle and relish its slightly decreased costs with minimal challenges.

This post discloses top-five picks of the existing electric car options.

Tesla Model 3

The Model 3 is the electric vehicle that the whole world wanted. The Model 3 is an executive saloon, which is comfortably pushing Mercedes C-Class out of the market.

Model 3 has garnered a wide conventional charm, and it is also the best vehicle that one can purchase. The car combines a minimalist panache, cutting-edge charging technology, and an extended driving range. The car powers from 0–100kmh in 5.5 seconds and its top speed is 225kmh.

Porsche Taycan

The Porsche Taycan is an electric car that I, Alexander Powell, would recommend. This Porsche has remained true to its heritage, and it leaves no doubt that it is a proper Porsche saloon.

Despite being bulky, the electric car can hide its heftiness appropriately, and it is capable of gracefully weaving through corners. The Taycan manages 0–100kmh in 4.0 seconds. But you can upgrade it by lacing its engine with a turbocharger.

Renault Zoe

The Renault Zoe has a 52kWh battery, which lets the electric car offer you 394 kilometres of range. Its strong charging capability also boosts the performance. Inside, the Zoe brags of the most current infotainment system, providing a sense of quality to the car’s interior.

Tesla Model S

The Model S was launched a while back, but it is still the best electric car around. The battery technology is what makes the Model S peculiar. With a massive 100kWh battery, the Model S offers a 405 miles range on a charge. If you are an ardent Porsche Panamera purchaser, then the Model S is undoubtedly the best electric substitute for you.

Kia e-Niro

The electric cars industry is developing rapidly, but Kia e-Niro still retains its seat as one of the best electric vehicle manufacturers. E-Niro ‘3’ is the cheapest electric vehicle offering a 454-kilometre range.

In 2020, it was hard to lay a hand on the e-Niro because its demand had surpassed supply since it is a car, which offers adequate space to ferry every family member. Also, their 64kWh battery is one of the best. Hence, the vehicle is a must-have if you are into electric cars.

About the Author

Alexander Powell is a lifelong car enthusiast based in Cheltenham in the UK, and he likes sharing his views on cars with the world.




My name is Alexander Powell and I’m based in Cheltenham, UK and I have many years of experience and passion for cars and everything car-related.

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Alexander Powell Cheltenham

Alexander Powell Cheltenham

My name is Alexander Powell and I’m based in Cheltenham, UK and I have many years of experience and passion for cars and everything car-related.

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